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Friday, 30th November 2012.

The night of the last day of November - a happy moment that I wish it never end..

We had steamboat as dinner that night. Despite being a last minute plan, we managed to get most of our favourite ingredients from town. Dinner was ready by 6 pm as preparation was rather quick and easy. I suppose it was the power of teamwork.

A playlist was created in my iPad consisting of 80's/90's pop songs. We played those songs the whole night, which actually brought back lots of memories in us - all the 1980's babies who were sitting at the dining table. Britney Spears, Savage Garden, Westlife, BSB, A1, Eminem, Utada Hikaru, Dido etc etc..... It then turned out to be a karaoke night.

We steamboat happily and sang along happily.Steamboat is the definitely one best thing to do in winter. We talked about stupid things we did last time. We laughed at our stupidity/ innocence in those days. We also realised we have grown up into adults. They were all things which happened 10 years back, yet some memories are still playing vividly in our minds as if they were just yesterdays.

I went a little bit emotional at some point. May be I am used to keep moving forward instead of spending most of the time looking back. I know I am being hard to myself sometimes. It is just a discipline which I was brought up with. I learnt to climb up on my own because no one came when I fall. I used to give my trust to people easily but it always ended up with broken words, so I learnt not to trust or give trust easily. After all, I am being emotionless, because I need to protect myself. Yet after all, I can still feel disappointments deep inside my heart. I am just trying not to feel them. I was asked why did I build such a strong wall in my heart. Simply because I am too tired (fear) to feel the consequences when the the wall collapses.

I was writing some sayings I learnt from Sin Chew into my little antique book today. One sentence caught my attention: 轻言者寡信。I totally feel and agree with it.

Anyway, it was indeed a great Friday night, which I also declared it as my early birthday celebration. With all the loves and cheers from the girls, I was and am a happy lady.

Last but not least, welcome December.
I am 23 now :)

Cheers xx

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